We help private practice owners make MORE money.

There are 4 stats that you NEED to master in your practice or else you are leaving money on the table.  Learn how picking the right billing company is the key to max profitability.

Does this sound familiar?

"No one listens to me, It's like my opinion does not matter!"

"We have been really busy..."

"We will have to look into that," but no one ever does!

Some other common complaints heard from our current customers regarding their prior billing company experiences include the following:

“I did not feel that my past billing company was trustworthy.” Lack of Trust.

“My last billing company was not accountable and all the mistakes always seemed to fall back on us!” Lack of accountability.

“My past billing company made it uncomfortable to engage in reasonable conversations! There was always that tension and fear of conflict when we would bring a concern to their attention!” – Fear of Conflict.

The worst thing of all,
“I really felt as if there was no commitment to our success!” Lack of commitment.

Last, “The attention to details and results was severely lacking. Reporting metrics and keeping up with ongoing changes in PT billing codes was nonexistent!” Inattention to RESULTS!!!

Why choose PhysicalTherapyBilling.com?

Built by Clinic Owners

We increase customers payment per visit by specializing in PT Billing only.

Boosting Profits

Do you know what your collections per visit should be?


Recurring weekly and monthly calls.


Monthly KPI's and Financial Metrics

Money is like oxygen to your business.

When you aren’t getting paid fast enough it can feel like your business is suffocating. 

What's it feel like when you can't breathe?

What’s it feel like when you can’t make payroll, monthly rent or go on vacation because your money is sitting in A/R? The #1 reason small businesses fail is they run out of oxygen… money.  The cash is coming, but if you don’t have it when you need it can be devastating.

Feeling left out in the dark?

Do you sometimes wonder if your billing team is truly working efficiently and effectively in getting all the payments they’re supposed to be getting? Do you find yourself questioning the reliability of your billing metrics?Are you frustrated your collections don’t seem to match your expectations?

Uncertainty can be the worst feeling a physical therapy private practice owner can ever have. We all want a sense of control. But how do you get that feeling of control and certainty that we all ever so desire?

It starts with knowledge. Followed by responsibility. And then ultimately, you get control.


Where do you look for knowledge?

Knowledge stems from facts. In the business world, facts are called Metrics. It’s one thing to have metrics at your disposal but it’s another thing to know which billing metrics you should be looking at. Because looking at the right metrics gives you the ability to respond appropriately. Hence, responsibility. Know the right billing metrics to look at today…so you can be certain your collections are where they need to be…and have certainty that you have the right billing team to get you there.

What sets us apart?

We are


\ yu̇-ˈnēk \

1. Being the only one: SOLE

PhysicalTherapyBilling.com is not the only BIlling Company in the marketplace for you to choose from but we may be the only one owned and operated by PT’s and Clinic Owners. We may also be unique in that we only bill Physical Therapy

What does this mean for you, the customer? We believe you are better served by being a bigger fish in a smaller pond rather than a smaller fish in a bigger pond. Logic dictates that companies billing multiple specialties may not possess the same level of PT BIlling expertise as one that bills only for Physical Therapy.

2. Being without a like or equal: UNEQUALED

What makes us think we are better than our competitors? Unequaled? 

Many of our customers came to us from the competition looking for a better solution while others, including our founding clinic owners, moved on from lesser known and less experienced billing companies in order to form PhysicalTherapyBilling.com.

These combined experiences suggest what NOT to do while confirming what we need to do to increase your profits and maintain your business.

Made by PT owners, for PT owners.

There was an infomercial back in the 1990’s.  Yes I am that old!  LOL… It was for men who were losing their hair or were totally bald.  The infomercial catch phrase went something like this…  “I am not only the HairClub for Men President, but I am also a Client!”, as they showed before pics of a bald man and after pics of a man with a thick luscious head of hair.  Seemed pretty convincing to me!

Now you might be thinking what the heck does a 1990’s infomercial have to do with me and my billing problems?  Glad you asked… It is simple!  What I loved about that infomercial is that not only was this man the President but he was also a tried and true success story for his company and their product!  He was intimately involved in the success of his product and his clients.  

Here at PhysicalTherapyBilling.Com, we are the mirror image of the Hair Club for Men!  All our owners are PT”s.  We are all private practice owners!  We have all been in the deep trenches of billing and collections!  With over 150 combined years of experience in private practice physical therapy and in-house and outsourced billing, we have learned the pitfalls and shortcomings associated with inadequate collections and maximum profit capture!  

We are willing to put “our (and your) money where our mouth is” to ensure you are collecting as much as you can!  We do this for all of our own practices, shouldn’t you?

Frank Cawley

Owner - Cawley Physical Therapy

We only charge for insurance collections

Insurance billing and collections has many in’s and out’s. It’s always changing and it never seems to be the same between payors.  We are the experts in this area and that’s what allows you to focus on the rest of your business.

Patient collections is not a complicated process.  We can show you best practices to make your staff “Hall of Fame” over the counter collections agents.

Think about it… When the Pt comes to the front desk to check in, your staff collects co pays/co-ins’s.   Why should your billing company take a piece of that action?  They didn’t actually collect it for you.

ModelYearly CollectionsYearly Service Fee%
Traditional Model$800,000.00$48,000.006%
Our Model 80% Insurance$640,000$38,4006%
Our Model You Save:$9,600.00
Our Model You Pay:4.8%

Change is inevitable.

It is necessary to move forward, but resistance to change stands firmly in its path. It is human nature and convenient to continue doing something you have always been doing. If you are for any reason unhappy with your current EMR or Billing Service what is keeping you from changing? 

Logically you know that your team will have to adapt to the change and that will cost time and money while possibly having a negative impact on morale.

Psychologically you resist due to fear of the unknown or you simply have very little tolerance for change. Who does?

Sociologically the majority may persuade the minority using something as simple as peer pressure. “My PT’s just can’t handle any more change. I know they will push back.”

So, how do you overcome this resistance?

  1. The decision to propose the change must be supported by your key leaders.

  2. Impress upon the team that the proposed changes are necessary and will benefit both the team and the organization.

  3. If managers portray leadership by first adapting to the changes themselves, employees are less likely to resist..

What if it gets worse...

One of the unique things about PhysicalTherapyBilling.com is that it’s owned and operated by PT private practice owners, and as you can imagine, they have seen it all.

Going through 4 different billing companies in a span of 10 years…
yes we’ve done it.

A revolving door of in-house billing staff… 
we’ve seen it.

Denials out of control…AR at levels you’d be embarrassed to tell others about…
we’ve been there.

And that’s how our company started. We did not want it to get worse, we wanted to stop the bleeding and help other owners to do the same.

How do you know if we know what we’re doing?

It’s in the results.

Our denial rates for all our practices are a minuscule fraction of less than 1%. We frown upon any % of AR past 60 days that’s over 10%. In fact, our owners are consistently seeing their 60+ day AR at less than 5% of the total. We’re seeing quick turnaround times in payments. Which means consistent and predictable cash flow for your practice. Because at the end of the day, cash flow is king and is what gives you and your practice peace of mind.

We do our own billing

Do you know how to bake a cake or make cookies?  More than likely the answer is yes!  So why then do you go to your favorite bakery?

Do you know how to grill a nice juicy steak?  Once again chances are, yeah for sure!  So why then do you go out to a fancy steak house?

I am sure you are getting the idea here but one more for good measure!!  Does your spouse or significant other know how to massage your tight achy neck muscles after a hard day at the office?  I bet they do.  But why do so many people go to a massage therapist then?

I think by now you are picking up what I am putting down here!!

The bottom line is many people know how to do their own billing and have been doing it for years!  

That is not the real issue.  

The real issue may be that you have your billing person who is maxed out and simply can not handle another single claim form.  They call off and you have ZERO billing being done for that day.  They take vacation don’t they?  AGain no billing is being done.  What happens when your front desk receptionist calls off due to illness.  Guess who is filling in and guess what is not going to get done…BILLING!!!


Additionally, are you aware of your AR outstanding at 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or more??  

How about your first time billing pass through rate error percentage?

Yes, you can do billing just as you can bake a cake or make a steak or get a freebie massage but wouldn’t you prefer to leave it too a group of experts with over 90+  years of combined billing experience, who have strategic ways to maximize collections per visit and profits, who get you your money FAST, who bring your AR outstanding for less than 30 days to under 15% and finally who have a first time pass through rate of over 99%!!

I know I would!!! 

We are so confident in our ability to serve your billing needs we are offering you a FREE yes you read that right FREE Billing Dept. Audit from the billing experts here at PhysicalTherapyBilling.com

You would not be a happy camper if they overcooked that $60 steak and would surely complain!  Do not settle for any less when it comes to your billing and collections, the lifeline of your business!

Success Stories

Jeremy Pittman

Owner, Pittman Physical Therapy

Lee Sowerbutts

Owner, Spa City Therapy

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