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Revenue Cycle Management

What is

“All administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management, and collection of patient service revenue.”

In other words, it is a term that includes the entire life of a patient account from creation to payment like links in a chain.

Just one small kink in the chain can throw off your Revenue Cycle and generally wreak havoc. Having interconnected billing functions with feedback loops (back end to front end) improves revenue because it creates time efficiencies, aids communication, and creates a more error free workflow.

Why choose PhysicalTherapyBilling.com?

Revenue Cycle processes flow into and affect one another. When processes are executed correctly, the cycle performs predictably. However, problems early in the cycle can have significant ripple effects. The further an error travels through the revenue cycle, the more costly revenue recovery becomes.

How do we help our customers avoid these errors and put their minds at ease?

Improve Communications/Accountability

Weekly Meetings
Timely Email Support
Monthly Reconciliation Call

Avoid Rollercoaster Cashflow

25 Point Pre-Bill Review
Feedback Loops
Revenue Cycle Management

Eliminate Guesstimation

KPI Dashboard
A/R Review
Metrics Trending

Our Platform

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We increase customers payment per visit by specializing in PT Billing only.

Boosting Profits

Improved billing efficiencies translate directly to the bottom line.


Recurring weekly and monthly calls


Monthly KPI’s and Financial Metrics

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We only charge you for insurance collections

Insurance billing and collections has many in’s and out’s. It’s always changing and it never seems to be the same between payors.  We are the experts in this area and that’s what allows you to focus on the rest of your business.

Patient collections is not a complicated process.  We can show you best practices to make your staff “Hall of Fame” over the counter collections agents.

Think about it… When your patient comes to the front desk to check in, your staff collects co pays/co-ins’s.   Why should your billing company take a piece of that action?  They didn’t actually collect it for you.

ModelYearly CollectionsYearly Service Fee%Our Model You SaveOur Model You Pay
Traditional Model$800,000.00$48,000.006%
Our Model 80% Insurance$640,000$38,4006%$9,600.004.8%
ModelYearly CollectionsYearly Service Fee%
Traditional Model$800,000.00$48,000.006%
Our Model 80% Insurance$640,000$38,4006%
Our Model You Save:$9,600.00
Our Model You Pay:4.8%

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Efficient Communication

"I love that we have an assigned AR rep I can communicate with. It's like night and day, hallelujah!"
Haymarket PT

Save time to market your practice

"MY TIME! We did a decent job billing in-house, but I had no time for things like marketing & growing our practice. AR is rock solid now! Thanks PTB.com!"
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No more leaving money on the table

"My total collections have increased because you found the errors my old billing service was making. Now I'm not losing money or leaving money on the table."
Precision Sports Physical Therapy

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