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All in One PT EMR Automation Platform empowering Owners, Physical Therapists, Billers, and Front Desks to profitably provide the best possible patient care & experience. Get everything you need in one place to automate your practice, free up valuable time, and drive higher profits.

Category: Online EMR

Feel like your practice is controlling you rather than the other way around? It’s time to take back your time and freedom. Our proven framework is designed to help you systemize and scale your clinic efficiently. By implementing our strategies, you can transform your practice to function more effectively and allow you the freedom and control you’ve been seeking. This approach is tailored to help you manage your clinic’s growth while maintaining a balance in your professional life.

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Category: PT CEO Training

Tapt Health completes your documentation while you treat. Leverage AI to better engage patients, expedite evals, and minimize after-hours documentation.

Category: Online EMR/HEP

PT Wired is a patient engagement solution that helps physical therapy clinics prevent patient dropout, improve brand engagement, and boost internal marketing. Your practice would receive a fully-branded mobile app available via iOS, Android, and Web that patients can download to access their Home Exercise Program with videos/notes/reminders. In addition, patients can schedule appointments, make payments, and engage with customizable clinic marketing content.

Contact: Vikram Sethuraman


Category: Online HEP/RTM Coding

PredictionHealth specializes in AI-driven analytics for healthcare, offering a platform called PT Practice Intel specifically for physical and occupational therapy clinics. This platform analyzes electronic medical record data to optimize clinic operations, enhance compliance, and boost revenue.

Contact: Andrew Schaffer


Category: QA/QI, Chart Auditing and Compliance, Improved Charge Capture

Tru Medical Solutions, LLC (TMS) is a manufacturer and distributor of orthopedic and rehabilitation products sold to hospitals, orthopedic and rehab clinics, nursing homes, assisted living centers, chiropractors and patients across the United States.

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B|A Accountants is a holistic group of professionally qualified Chartered Advisers, servicing a diverse client base in the local and international arena.

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Category: Quickbooks/Accounting

What makes ELB Consulting so unique is their extensive industry experience and exceptional team of in-house experts. Their experts conducting your study are specialists in engineering, construction, accounting, and tax research and have substantial audit experience with the IRS.

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Category: Cost Segregation and Tax Savings Strategies for Commercial/Residential real estate

Prestige Color offers Print Management that allows you to take control of all your printing from brochures to business cards to complex signage. All at a cost effective rate that puts you in control!

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Contact: Ted Ansel

717-392-1711 ext 312

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In an industry abundant with choices, Nacci Printing has what it takes to make your printing goals a vibrant reality! At Nacci Printing, they will do whatever necessary to deliver a top-of-the-line product that fits within your budget.

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Learn to approach your business’ Cash Flow proactively and intelligently. Gain access to the tools and resources necessary to let you 1. Look forward, not backwards 2. Plan for the unexpected 3. Execute on your business plans.

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Category: Managing Cash Flow

Our ‘Plug and Play’ system will teach you how to attract, assess and successfully treat peripheral neuropathy patients using our natural, non-invasive evidence-based therapy protocol. Our protocol does not involve drugs, shots or surgery.

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Contact: John Magee

Category: Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment system

Anyone can offer a selection of pre-made templates. We listen to your ideas, identify your needs and provide you with a product that not only shows your business expertise but also conveys your sense of style and originality.

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Category: Newsletter design/Graphic Design/Promo Advertising

Award-winning credit card payment integration for software, SMBs, enterprise business and everything in between. As a leading credit card payment processor, you can leverage our experience and expertise to meet the unique needs of your business across all industries and verticals

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Category: Credit card and Merchant Services

Indio Screen Printing is an independently owned and operated screen printing business. As a local screen printing service, we make sure every customer is satisfied on a more personal level and less of a business transaction.

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Category: Swag/T-Shirts/Promo Products

Wish you had eight arms? Us too. That’s why we built Keap. Our CRM and sales and marketing tools help you get more done with less work so you can grow your business.

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Category: Customer Relations Management System

SportPump has a full line of compression therapy treatment products to speed your recovery from training or injury. Sportpump offers industry-leading, medical-grade, gradient sequential massaging compression and cryo-gel sleeves to treat any and all body parts.

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Category: Cold Compression Therapy

An Award Winning Digital Marketing Agency
Grow Your Revenue Online With a Top Digital Partner. Generate Results for Funded Start-Ups, SMBs, Enterprise, Pre-IPO, and Publicly Traded Companies since 1998.

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Category: FB Ad Management/SEO/Google Ad Words/Website Building/Backlinks

Abe Kashiwagi

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Category: FB Messenger ad managaement

Stride is a modern, cloud-based software designed specifically for physical therapy practices. Their mission is to make practices more efficient and productive, enhancing the client experience and fostering practice growth.

Contact: Bryce Mitchell

(512) 856-9105

Category: PT EMR Software

Limber Health is a comprehensive platform that empowers in-clinic physical therapists in delivering a hybrid approach to care and features a complete digital toolkit for RTM and the shift to value-based care.

Contact: Steven Liska


Category: Online HEP/RTM Coding with PT assist

Empowering healthcare providers to master their marketing, crucial for thriving in today’s challenging healthcare economy. Practice Promotion focuses on controlling new patient flow, stabilizing finances, and kickstarting clinic growth. This streamlined approach is designed to turn marketing into a strategic asset, fostering sustained success and resilience in the healthcare sector.

Contact: Neil Trickett


Category: PT websites/newsletters

Legally Pay ZERO Income Tax! The only firm in the nation to provide ongoing implementation of tax strategies, proper support and documentation is key to legally paying the least amount of tax.

Contact: Carlotta Thompson


Category: Tax Strategies

It’s not how much money you MAKE. It’s how much money you KEEP. We have been helping families regain control of their cash and keep more of it for over 30 years. Become financially free with strategies that minimize risk, increase accesibility and put you in control of your money.

Contact: Tim Yurek


Category: Financial/Tax planning

As a practice owner, balancing the effort it takes to build a business, create household wealth, and have time for family feels like a constant struggle. What is more important? How do you build a profitable business, pay off bad debt, save for retirement, protect your assets, save on taxes, and leave a legacy — all at the same time? It may seem impossible…but it CAN be done! (And it doesn’t need to take a lifetime).

Contact: Annette


Category: Financial/Tax planning

BCMS is dedicated to providing specialized compliance consultation, solutions, practice audits, and support services to outpatient therapy providers and other healthcare entities.

Contact: Alicia Mahoney


Category: Compliance

CareerPlug is trusted by over 60,000 small business locations, positioning itself as an industry-leading expert in simplifying and optimizing recruitment for better hiring outcomes.

Contact: Luke Ingram


Category: Hiring Funnel