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Do you ever wonder why your team doesn’t implement your ideas?

Teams are made up of people, and that makes every day a challenge. People, unlike computers, all have these things called personalities. They also have feelings, thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Depending on the set up of your organization, you most likely have combinations of all types. Getting to everyone is going to be a challenge.

First, let’s look at your leadership style. Are you more of a commander? A person that makes an order and expects it to be followed. Do you use more of the consultant model? Do you want to hear opinions, facts, suggestions, and comments, but you are the decision-maker. Do you use the voting method? Majority wins! Or… do you follow the more of a consensus method? Everyone is involved and you need everyone to agree on the same course of action to move forward.

Once you figure this out, you will then begin to ask more questions. Does everyone need to be involved? Who really needs to help with the decision? Who has the best information to make the decision? Who really cares about this decision anyway?

After asking all of these questions, you figure out who needs to help make the decision. We figure out what kind of decision needs to be made and your team is informed.

“I am able to see that there is a better way of doing things. They have given me the confidence to do that!” – John McGee
Now we, again, find our issue that we work with people. Now that you know what type of decision will be made and who needs to be involved, you will still meet resistance to any type of change.

Download the NLPT Personality Types Chart to understand push back and how to get better buy-in from your whole team.