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Getting pushback from your staff about making changes that are best for the company?

Many times, we as owners have the greatest ideas, or so we think. We go to a conference, get some coaching, come home from the seminar, and have the greatest ideas known to man, ideas that are going to transform our business, and the status quo to the number one option.

Then, we have a five-minute meeting with our staff and tell everyone how great the idea is, and that we’re going to do this thing that will revolutionize our business. We tell them the plan and we say go. Then we sit back and watch. The great plan is implemented halfway and then fizzles out to nothingness.

We have another meeting and your employees let you know that the grand plan did not work. For the life of you, you don’t get it. At the conference, everyone got the greatest results from this magic thing. So you create a decree, “we’re going to get massive results with this magic thing.” You tell them to implement your idea and then, once again, sit back from the corner office and watch your team implement the thing. Two weeks later you noticed the same thing. The new thing that is crushing it for everyone else is not working for your business. Your staff says it just doesn’t work. Oh well, back to business as usual.

“Last October I was introduced to the 13 steps to implementation. When I first heard them I frantically took notes, knowing that it was gold. To this date, I have implemented huge changes within our organization using this framework. I have added tons of extra (and necessary) work to teammates, without pushback. I have negotiated complex and sensitive conversations seamlessly. And have reorganized pay structures, increased workloads, and increased reimbursement all with these crucial steps. I am now a firm believer in the power of this simple formula for successfully implementing. If you’re looking to start something in your organization and worried about pushback, then take it from me, go through these steps (and yes, actually write it out). You will be glad you did!”

Justin Gillian, Elite Inner Circle Member, Owner of Therafit Rehab

Why does this keep happening? These things work for everyone else, why not me? How many times have you gone through this cycle? This is the rollercoaster we can find ourselves in as owners. It has to do with people and resistance to change. You’re convinced at the conference seminar or by your consultant. It took time, maybe hours, maybe days, maybe an entire weekend to convince you. You were skeptical at first, but over the course of the seminar, you were convinced, but your team was not there. They were not convinced. They are skeptical as well.

Your team needs to be told “why” this magic thing is the best way to achieve the results that they want, get their desired outcome, how it’s going to transform the company, and what the purpose of using this thing is.

There is a way to get complete buy-in from your team without barking orders. It is the “NLPT 13 Steps To Change The Persuasion Guide.”

Click here for your free PDF of the framework to get complete buy-in from your staff.