Does Your Practice Have A Strategic Plan?

You know what you want. Maybe you know where you want to go. For some, they may even have a well-crafted Vision statement or maybe even a cool-looking graphic of their 10-year mission. The question is, how do you get there? Asked a better way, how do you strategically get there?

Now before you say that strategic planning is for people with MBAs, here’s what Jim Collins, the author of the epic business book Good to Great, has to say:

“Strategy isn’t difficult. Nor is setting strategy a complicated or purely scientific exercise.”

Jim Collins

You see, there are 4 major components to strategic planning.

  • Internal Assessment: How to Know Thyself
  • External Assessment: How does the playing field look like?
  • Analysis and Planning: You’ve got issues!
  • Execution: Where the rubber meets the road.

Start with a proper Internal Assessment. What you find may be painful, but that’s OK. This usually means you’re on to something. It’s a great foundation for proper planning. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone, if you do it right.

The following groups of people can help you do it right.

  • Your employees and clinic directors
  • Trusted advisors, investors, and board members
  • A select number of patients
  • A select number of referral sources

All they have to do is answer 3 powerful questions.

Click here to download this 3-question survey.

Tabulate the results and you’re on your way to knowing your practice’s “true self.” In the process, you are laying the foundation for achieving your great vision.

See you at the top!