Ever Have The Thought That The Answer To Growing Your Business Was To Duplicate Yourself?

Let me teach you how.

Early in my business career, I remember telling myself that if I could just do every job in the business, then we would be able to grow. I was afraid to give up job duties to others. That was a huge mistake because it made the business depend on me more and more instead of less and less. This of course just increased the stress I had and decreased the amount of free time that I needed in order to run a business. As I started playing more and more roles in the organization, I found myself constantly chasing my tail. I knew how to do every job, but I just could not do them all very well. I was doing way too many things at once. Sound familiar yet? I did not have time for my family or for myself. The business was running me and not the other way around. The thought then went through my head that if I could just duplicate myself, like in a sci-fi movie, then everything would run smoothly. That is when I realized that I had to write everything that I knew how to do down on a piece of paper and out of my head.

After I took the Executive Module, I finally realized how to become a leader and an executive. It taught me how to get organized, how to be a leader, and how to get things done. NLPT client

If I can teach you one thing in this blog, it is to get your processes out of your head and down onto a paper.

You must start by getting more organized. Get everything you possibly can down on paper. Start with your current job positions and write them down. Then get more detailed and write up what job duties that position will perform. Dial it in a little more and write down what this position’s goals, objectives, final products, and even what metrics it will be measured by. This simple action of detail can help you start taking off the many hats that you are wearing and give the person you hire an organized and detailed understanding of what it is exactly that they will be doing when they work with your organization. If you can do this for all the positions that you need in your organization, you will be on your way to creating the daunting accountability chart/organizing board.

Do yourself a favor. Download the framework for creating a job hat for a staff physical therapist.

If you have questions on how to create more of these or how this can be built into an accountability chart or organizing board, reach out to me at my calendly link here. See you at the top.