Why Choose To Use pittmanbilling1.bwpsites.com?

Proper physical therapy billing is the backbone of any practice that wants to succeed. It helps boost communication, efficiency, and patient experience. You get many more benefits when you work with our experts at pittmanbilling1.bwpsites.com. Here are the top reasons why you should use our platform:

Improved Communication and Accountability

At pittmanbilling1.bwpsites.com, we are known for providing excellent communication to our customers. We work with you throughout your PT billing process to meet your needs.

Our billing specialists scrutinize every transaction and claim to guarantee accuracy, transparency, and compliance. Expect regular updates and reports about your billing process to keep you in the loop. Some of these reports include:

Weekly Meetings

We hold weekly meetings to give you a breakdown of how patient billing went on the previous week. During the meeting, our experts provide valuable data to enhance efficiencies. Such data includes:

  • Total claims billed
  • Number of accounts that need your attention
  • Individuals assigned the billing tasks

Timely Email Support

Feel free to ask us any questions or clarifications about your billing processes. We offer 24/7 customer support to answer your questions and help you succeed.

Monthly Reconciliation Call

Expect to get a reconciliation call every month to explain your billing progress. We offer a detailed report of your patient billing operations during the month. The report includes the following:

  • Total charges
  • Revenues collected
  • Pending responses from the provider

Enhanced Cashflows

Our physical therapy billing software assists businesses in improving their cash flow. It automates revenue collection while enhancing efficiency to grow your business. Here’s how we help you achieve an excellent revenue cycle for your practice:

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Partnering with us improves your cashflows through our fantastic revenue cycle management platform. The platform allows you to get paid a premium value for quality care. You collect revenues in an efficient and timely manner to settle expenses.

At pittmanbilling1.bwpsites.com, our revenue cycle features automation tools and codes to streamline your billing processes. They eliminate errors to reduce claim denials, save money, and maximize your revenues.

25 Point Pre-Bill Review

We offer a 25 point pre-bill review as part of our complete claim denial management program. The reviews proactively protect your practice’s revenue integrity. This is done by correcting patient demographics, coding, billing, and insurance data before claim submissions. You submit clean claims to save on resources and get revenues.

Feedback Loops

At pittmanbilling1.bwpsites.com, our feedback loops help connect patients to practitioners. This helps keep your customers engaged while enjoying quality services. Your patient satisfaction rates and experiences can increase, resulting in higher revenue.

Reduced Guesswork

With pittmanbilling1.bwpsites.com, your staff can enjoy seamless workflows like never before. Our RCM and PT billing platform have built-in automation tools to boost performance. It becomes easier to instantly detect and fix patient data, coding, or billing errors. Other tools to help your practice remove the guesswork from its operations include:

  • A key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard that displays key insights for measuring your practice’s efficiency and growth
  • A/R review or follow-ups to assure the patient’s complete recovery
  • A trending metric platform that tracks or manages claims

Get Your Physical Therapy Billing Analysis Today

At pittmanbilling1.bwpsites.com, we offer practices the best physical therapy billing platform around. We help increase patient payment per visit by automating the entire billing process. Our Revenue Cycle Management improves workflows and reduces claim denials to maximize profits. Contact us today for your PT billing analysis or to learn more about how we help improve your cash flow in your practice.