Does Offer Coaching?

Physical therapy billing services use standardized codes to let insurers know the exact treatment a patient has received and the amount the therapist is owed for it. At, we assist physical therapists in starting, growing, and marketing their private practice businesses. Here is what our coaching class teaches you to help your practice advance to the next level and get proven results:

Individual Coaching Each Week With Your Ascent Leader

Insurance billing and collections processes are ever-changing and not always the same between payors. We are professionals in this area, so we’ll help you as you focus on other aspects of your business. Our team will show you the best practices to help your staff become more effective counter-collection agents.

We provide individual coaching to focus on physical therapists’ most urgent issues. Our staff will implement an actionable plan whereby you will be held accountable by your ascent leader. We’ll help you learn how to grow your practice to reach its peak in real-time. 

Battle Plan and Practice Analysis

Coaching helps physical therapists at every stage of their practice. The coach will offer an objective observation of your practice and provide recommendations. 

These recommendations can only come from individuals who have experience helping many private practices overcome their challenges. Startup practices can take advantage of coaching to avoid beginner mistakes and make a profit faster.

Our platform specializes in physical therapy billing only and is built to increase customers’ payment per visit. We evaluate your numbers to identify areas where you are leaking money and plug the holes to make your business more profitable. Our team has gone through your current struggles and growth and will help you build a sustainable, profitable practice.

Online Resources Platform

Coaching helps physical therapists to identify staffing, service, and process requirements that will scale to handle growth effectively. Established practices that are slowly losing momentum can take advantage of team coaching and mentoring to examine processes slowing their growth opportunities. 

Coaching can also help practices that rely too much on the practice owner to solve problems to guide their team toward self-reliance. Physical therapists must differentiate themselves from competitors by using state-of-the-art technology to improve revenue and patient outcomes.

We have all the documents and resources you require to take your practice to a higher level. Workbook, video training, and resources you need to become a true leader in your business — we have it all in our online resources platform.

Our Physical Therapy Billing Services

At, we coach physical therapists to help them improve communication and accountability in their practice. We recognize that problems can arise during revenue cycle processes, causing a significant ripple effect. Our physical therapy billing services help clients avoid these errors by putting their minds at ease.

We’ll help you avoid declining reimbursement and costly denial to unlock hidden profit in your practice. Use our platform to improve your billing processes and take control of your revenue cycle to increase your bottom line.

Schedule your analysis now to improve your practice and make it more profitable.