How Can You Maximize Your Physical Therapy Billing?

Physical therapists need a proper billing workflow to generate more revenue. With the right physical therapy billing services, you’ll submit nearly flawless claims to make patient billing a smooth experience. At, we partner with physical therapy practices to help them streamline processes and improve revenue per visit. Here is how you can maximize your physical therapy billing:

Gather Patient Information

The first step to optimizing the billing process is encouraging patients to fill out the form online. Your physical therapy website can be a valuable data collection point and marketing tool. Nobody wants to fill out paper forms at the reception desk. Having online patient data collection forms is convenient for most patients.

When a patient comes for an appointment, your staff may be pressed for time collecting billing and insurance information. Include options for their insurance policy and carrier information online. You can quickly confirm the information and change any mistakes before they come to your office. You can also verify benefits to be ready to discuss billing when a patient comes in.

We partner with physical therapy practices to help them collect a larger portion of the revenue that is rightfully theirs. Our system will allow you to uncover profits that stay hidden in your practice due to minor unidentified errors in your revenue cycle.

Audit the Current Billing System

Physical therapy billing can sometimes be complicated, even for an experienced employee. To maximize your billing process, begin with areas that need improvement. Audit what you have now and develop optimization goals depending on your findings. 

Find what might be creating significant data entry errors and determine what to do to increase accuracy and minimize mistakes. You may not have to worry about insurance company rebilling and denials afterward. Find any errors and correct them as soon as possible when they happen. Follow up on rejected claims sooner than later.

We have crafted a simple system for practice owners who don’t want to leave money on the table. You will learn how to build the right billing system for your practice to avoid unnecessary worry.

Track Your Progress

You need to consistently and objectively measure your progress upon implementing any changes. Numbers don’t lie. That’s why you need to check your data weekly or monthly. Compare your goals year to year and month to month to know if your strategies are working. The data you should check includes charges, adjustments, payments, and reimbursements for every carrier. 

Training your staff should be an ongoing endeavor for your physical therapy practice to operate efficiently. Identify problems with the current billing processes to identify areas where your team needs extra training. 

Our system will teach you how successful physical therapy owners maximize their profits. You’ll know why you feel left in the dark, overwhelmed, and trapped when it comes to your business and learn how to grow your practice.

Get Help From the Best Physical Therapy Billing Services

At, we offer physical therapy billing services to avoid costly denials and reduced reimbursements. Our system will help improve your billing process and help you control your revenue cycle to increase your bottom line. We also provide an online learning platform for every part of physical therapy business ownership. Our management dashboard shows how well we offer that much-needed accountability.