Starting a Physical Therapy Practice? Here’s How Physical Therapy Billing Services Can Help

If you are starting a physical therapy practice and are unsure where to start, you may need physical therapy billing services. specializes in the billing process and is experienced with billing codes and payer policies. We can help you optimize your practice to create an effective billing process.

How Physical Therapy Billing Services Can Help Improve Your Practice

Physical therapy billing services can help you:

Improve Your Revenue Cycle Management

Your revenue management cycle is the system that runs from patient account creation to completed payment. We improve this cycle by having interconnected functions and creating feedback loops in your revenue sequence. These measures can help save time, reduce errors, and verify proper payment. By improving and managing your revenue cycle, you are making sure your business, and all aspects related to payment, are running smoothly.

Communicate Better

Billing services can also improve communication surrounding your revenue and billing processes. We prioritize communication by meeting with you weekly, conducting monthly reconciliation calls, and answering your emails in a timely manner. Completing your billing in-house may lead to communication issues, especially if your team does not have enough time to dedicate to billing. Our experience allows us to communicate clearly about your billing cycle.

Get Paid Faster

Falling behind on billing due to a difference in claim filing can lead to a loss in revenue. New practices sometimes struggle to get billing done on time because of the long to-do list associated with starting a new business. We can submit claims efficiently to help you get paid quickly. Automated systems will enable patients to pay online, a popular option for easier transactions. With these convenient options, you and your patients can avoid unnecessary billing complications.

Cut Out the Guesswork

Cutting out the guesswork and getting specific about your business and numbers can improve your practice’s performance. We can provide you with a KPI dashboard that makes it easy to track and visualize all of your key performance indicators. Our team also offers A/R reviews, letting you easily track the money you are owed. All of your transaction logs will be stored within the system for your team to reference at any point.

Stay Compliant

If you don’t follow specific requirements in the billing process, your practice could face penalties. In some scenarios, your errors may be considered fraud, leading to possible legal ramifications. This can place a big financial burden on your new practice and influence your reputation. We keep track of these regulations and requirements to help you remain compliant. We stay up to date on changing regulations and update our systems and processes to adapt to them. Billing services can help you minimize your risk of non-compliance by helping you avoid minor errors and audits.

Spend More Time on Patient Care

The billing process is a time-consuming one because you need to make sure the services have been documented and coded, prepare and submit your claim, handle denials and appeals, and manage billing and collections. You also need to follow up on missed payments and track and report your billing data so you can keep track of your practice’s financial performance. If you are handling the billing yourself, it can feel like you can’t treat patients and handle the billing process on your own. Outsourcing to a billing service can take billing responsibilities off of your hands, allowing you to spend more time on patient care.

Increase Scalability and Flexibility

Your billing needs can change as your practice grows. You may need more help submitting claims and onboarding patients or providers. Physical therapy billing services can increase your scalability and flexibility. We can adapt our services as your practice grows and spend as much time as needed to complete your billing needs. No matter how your business grows and changes, we can change or increase our services to meet your business demands.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Efficient billing processes allow you to provide accurate and transparent billing information to your patients. Our team can also help you avoid delays and errors that could be frustrating to your clientele. We keep our information organized to help you answer any billing questions that they may have. Improved billing experiences can contribute to patient satisfaction, loyalty, and trust.

Maximize Your Profits

Between administrative tasks and treating patients, it can be hard to find time for billing. At, we want to help you maximize your profits and improve your billing process. Physical therapy billing services can help you stay on top of your workload and get reimbursed for your services quickly.

Without an efficient billing system, you may be unable to distribute your time between patients and billing without overextending yourself. Through our system, you can focus on patient care and invest in quality equipment. Schedule your analysis now to see how we can help your practice.