Chuck Schulte

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Chuck Schulte

Diamond Physical Therapy

Like most PT’s I got ‘High” on helping people for as long as I could remember.  Sometimes I wondered if I wasn’t actually getting more pleasure from helping patients than the actual patients I was helping.  I have come to call it the “Help Bug.”

When I started my practice 30 years ago there were lots of Debbie Downers telling me, “It’s really not a good time to start new PT practice”, but I forged ahead, determined to help people “My way”… sound familiar?  

Early on in my practice I had a great reputation for patient care. But for many years I failed to run my business in a way I considered financially successful.  

We have all completed vigorous programs to become PTs, not business owners. So… I started looking for that knowledge. The transformation took some work but I eventually grew as a business owner and executive through coaching and learning the short cuts for those with more experience.  

What next game was there?  It seemed obvious… help other private practice owners attain what I had.