Frank Garza

Common Questions at Physical Therapy Billing.

Frank Garza

Pure PT & Pilates

Private practice owner and PT for 6 years with little to no progress and absolutely no experience with how to run a practice much less grow it to where it could run itself without our presence.  We almost quit after the first three years as we had twins and my father n law past in the first two years of opening up and we just didn’t think we were gonna make it.  But my wife and I had a come to Jesus meeting and we embarked on a mission to complete what we had planned all along.  To build a successful PT company that could run itself without us.  

Our internal desires have always been Time and Family.  My wife and i both wanted to be able to give our kids a much better life than we had.  We wanted to be able to go on vacation whenever we wanted.  We wanted to be able to attend our kids school and sporting events at any time.  And we wanted to be able to be present and support our kids in anything they embarked on.  We also wanted to be able to have something that could generate revenue for us passively.  

Some external desires were that we wanted better stuff.  We wanted a bigger better house, we wanted our own building, we wanted to expand and have multiple locations.  We wanted to be able to help other people through consulting.  And we wanted to be able to travel and explore the outdoors more as a family.  

We went down several paths. At first we just believed everything people promised and were let down time and time again.  Then we hired people without truly knowing what we wanted or needed and again were continually disappointed.  We even did all kinds of marketing but never really had any true consistency in any areas.  It took a lot of failures to realize that we needed to change something.  That change boiled down to our “MINDSET”. Once we changed that and fully committed to ourselves and the business and its growth then we started to see small shifts for the better and we started to build momentum and then we just never let our foot off the gas.  We continued to learn and implement new things from new people.  We masterminded with other professionals in our community and in our profession and over 3 years we were able to get a point where we are now true CEO’s and our main focus is to continue to build and recruiters champions to continue to scale our organization.  

We were met with constant barriers along the way.  Mainly with resistance to change as we implemented new strategies or processes every month.  As we grew and scaled we were faced with the typical communication problems and lack of trust issues within our team.  These all however empowered us to fix these areas within our practice and as a result were better able to handle them in the future.  

Once we hired our first TRUE A+ player we knew that if we could just clone them again and again we were onto something.  So the idea was to create a process and system that would weed out all the non qualified people for our organization and only talk to people that would make it through all the steps and possibly be a good fit for our company.  When we saw  the difference it made in our practice with putting the right people in the right spot that were the right fit and how that positively affected the bottom line and also freed up our time we knew we had to replicate it over and over.  

The game plan going forward has now been shifted to a major focus on finding the “WHO” not the “WHAT”.  We sharpened our interviewing skills and are finding more qualified cultural fits for our organization that match our scorecard for each specific job.  

No major barriers.  Just constantly having to tweak and refine our hiring funnels to match the right message for what we looking for.  

Our biggest achievement is being able to remove ourselves from treatment.  In the last year we have really focused on empowering and building a great team.  We grew from 3 licensed therapists to 6 in a span of 7 months from dec 2019 to July 2020.  

Currently we are in a new home which we spent the last 7 months remodeling.  We are spending more time with our kids.  We have developed new online programs for our community.  And we continue to build our team and expand our reach by recently adding an external marketer to our team to help boost our referrals and get to our goal of 300 visits a week by the end of 2020.  If we reach that goal we will have increased our visit per week by 125% in 12 months.