Jeremy Pittman

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Jeremy Pittman

Pittman Physical Therapy

Growing up in a tiny town in Mississippi was not luxurious, but it did teach me that you have to work for what you want. Watching my parents work 3 jobs to put me and my two brothers through school was enough motivation to make me want to not do that when I grew up.

I threw myself into school and sports and excelled in both!

After graduating as valedictorian, I went to several colleges finally ending up at the University of Mississippi for PT school.  

After getting my degree, I moved to Memphis to work at a POPTS clinic for 3 years.  I felt like a hamster but learned a lot.  Three years in, I was passed over for a promotion that I thought I deserved.  

This led me to look for a different opportunity.  I found it with a chain organization.  Things went really well for the next 5 years.  I opened 2 other clinics for the chain but quickly began to understand the corporate culture.  

Stockholders don’t care about people, they care about revenue.  After meeting with the CEO, COO, and my regional director, I finally understood that in order to become who I wanted to be, I had to do it for me, not a man I met once a year in an office in Texas.  

In 2007, I founded Pittman PT.  I thought I knew it all.  I was a good clinician, a good marketer (so I thought) and had a good work ethic.  I also had a wife and 2 young children (that I never saw) because I was busy building a business.  

I started a business to have more freedom, but I quickly got trapped.  I was working 60 – 80 hours a week.  I didn’t know how to get our of the rat race.  Business quickly jumped up and I began hiring.  I had no policies or procedures.  These were all in my head.  So I made all the decisions, marketed, treated, scheduled, hired, did payroll, etc.  

After riding the roller coaster of private practice for 10 years, I finally met (by the grace of God) the other founder’s of NLPT.  We quickly gelled and began to help each other realizing that each of us had unique strengths.  

I finally began to see what I didn’t know.  That AHA moment was key to helping me over the next 3 years.  In a house by a lake in Chattanooga, we finally got in the same room and BAM!!  Lightning in a bottle.  

My business, over the last 5 years has quadrupled. 

I finally realized that I was the problem.  I hired people to do things that I didn’t like to do or need to do. I have stopped treating and am now running a business instead of it running me. I am still doing this today.  

It hasn’t been without conflict or trials because I still work with people.  

But having the team to help me learn how to lead has been the key to achieving my goals.  We are on track to see 600 patients in a week for the first time next month and I will not even be here.

I am able to spend time with my family and know that I have systems in place that allow me the freedom that I was looking for in 2007.  

And…my golf game is getting better.